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5 Things to Consider Before Buying Expired Domains

Buying old domains does not always turn out to be profitable because of the process requires meticulous assessment and overview to ensure you are purchasing the right domain. If you are considering buying an old domain there are a few things to consider before sealing the deal. We have listed down five things you should look out for when buying an old domain.

  1. Check the PA and DA

It is essential to check the Page Authority and Domain Authority before you buy an old domain. Hundreds or thousands of domains expire each day for one reason or the other. Since we do not know why it has expired it is a safe bet to verify its authority. There are many websites specifically dedicated to this purpose but we recommend you use Moz to verify the PA and DA. This website is the best authority on metric measurements and helps users analyze the domains performance on multiple search engines. To find out the quality of an old domain, Page Authority and Domain Authority are two important factors to consider. The DA and PA measures should be higher than 20.

  1. Verify Domain Through Google Banned Checker

There are some cases where Google bans domains even if their Domain and Page Authority are on the high end of the scale. Therefore, after checking the DA and PA you should run the domain through Google’s banned checking tool to ensure it has not been banned. You can even run the domain through Google to check its indexing status by searching “site:”. If the URL is not found in the search engine then that is a good sign. If an old domain you really like has been banned you can file a Reconsideration Request with Google to have it unbanned.

  1. Check the Expired Domain’s Archives

Before purchasing an old domain you should check the content that was previously hosted on the website. It is extremely important to check this especially if you are planning on hosting your business website or a revenue generating blog on it. To check the archives there is a software known as the WayBack Machine which shows you a screenshot of the old website hosted on that domain. All you have to do is enter the domain you are interested in and with the simple click of a button you can verify its archives.

  1. Check PageRank

All expired domains should be filtered to eliminate the ones that have a fake PageRank. There are many people out there who sell fraudulent domains. It is better to check the PR before purchasing through Fake PR Checking tools which can verify the PageRank. Make sure perform all background and safety checks before buying an old expired domain.

  1. Check Google AdSense Ban

If you plan on buying an old domain to earn revenue through Google AdSense, then it is recommended that you verify the domain has not been banned from making money from Google’s advertisement program. Many expired domains have been banned due to the previous owner’s errors. The AdSense Sandbox is one tool that helps you verify whether or not the domain is on the ban list. All you have to do is enter the desired domain into the checker and preview the ads. If advertisements are displayed, then it has not been banned but if there are no advertisements then you should consider another domain name.

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These are the five top aspects you should check and verify before you buy an old domain. If the expired domain qualifies all these tests, then it is bound to prove profitable for your website.