4 Tips Before Buying Expired Domains

Expired domains are domains that people don’t renew. People don’t renew their domains for two main reasons. It is either they forget to renew their domain or they don’t have enough money to make the renewal. Often, domain registrar gives 30 days for people to renew their domain. After the 30 days, the domain registrars then declare the domain as expired. This is when the registrars now start bidding for the domain. The bidding period lasts for 7 days, after which the highest bidder gets the domain. Expired domains are the trend these days. Although you can buy a new domain, people still go for the expired domains. This is because it comes with some advantages. Apart from the fact that these domains are cheap, they also have the desired page rank (PR). Sites with higher PR ranks higher than the ones with lower PR. This means that they will rank high in search engines. Hence, buying expired domains is valuable. Also, you can benefit a lot from such domains that have backlinks. But, you need to check the quality of the backlinks and the anchor text. This article will highlight important tips necessary for the domain flipping business. If you have an interest in buying an expired domain for your website, this article is a must read for you too. Below are the 4 important tips to consider before investing in expired domains. Here’s some of the most popular articles that you can check: 5 Popular Websites to Buy Cheap Domain Names

Always try to check the DA/PA of domains

The domain authority (DA) and the page authority (PA) are two important factors to check for before buying an expired domain. Before buying any expired domain, ensure it has a DA of 25+. You can check DA and PA on Open Site Explorer. Try to check domains with Google banned checker It is important that you check domain names on Google banned checker. There are times when you may get a domain with a high PA and DA. But what use is it when it is already banned? That is why it is necessary to check domain name on Google banned checker to avoid buying a banned domain name. When a domain name is already banned, you can request for the unbanning of the domain name using the Google Reconsideration Request. This is if you need the domain name badly.

 Always check the Google AdSense ban

Most people want to use their website for business purposes. There are a good number of websites which are banned by Google AdSense. Hence, when thinking of building your website using expired domains, this must be the first thing you must consider. The AdSense Sandbox Checker is a tool you can use in checking for Google AdSense ban.

Check for Page Rank (PR)

Some domain names have manipulated page ranks. It is important that you check this very well so as not to be caught in the trap. Always ensure that you check domains with Fake PR Checker tools and other tools available online. In conclusion, the above tips are necessary before buying expired domain names. When you have properly check for all these, you are sure of buying a good expired domain name

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